We have a slide deck that is being presented to HCPs by members of our medical team.  This deck is PAAB approved.  We have a few questions.  Can we record the session and place it on our HCP gated portal for other HCP's to benefit from? Does the recording require PAAB approval?  In the post-production of the video, can we add chapters to the video so if physicians wanted to watch the video in segments, they can?  Thank you.

Yes. It is possible to place PAAB approved slides on a PAAB approved HCP portal. We will need to assess that the linkages created in so doing would not contravene the regulations.

The recording would include audio in addition to the approved slides. The recording would therefore also require review. You have the option of having speaker notes approved within the same file as the slides provided that the notes are included as part of the original submission. It is possible that the speaker will deviate from the notes in the recording. Should that occur, the recording should be submitted for review.

Yes, the presentation can be broken down into chapters. The submission for the recording should clearly identify where the chapter breaks occur and any added content (e.g. the titles of the chapters).


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