We are creating a website for HCPs using Responsive Web Design, in which one set of content (text, images etc.) will automatically be populated into different layout placements based on the size and configuration of the screen on an HCPs device (table, smartphone, laptop etc.).

We would like to submit only 2 breakpoints for review (desktop & smartphone), because the tablet version will either follow the desktop size/dimensions – or the mobile, depending on the orientation of the screen (vertical or landscape).

Would providing layouts, copy and wireframes for the 2 breakpoints satisfy PAAB submission requirements?

Will you also require screenshots of the tablet version?

Will the different breakpoints require separate submissions? Or will they be reviewed separately but as a series fee?

All APS versions created through selection of different breakpoints will require separate review. One file will be assigned a full fee while the related files may be eligible for series fees.

Why is separate review required? Changing breakpoints impacts positioning of APS elements such as the claim copy, disclaimers, and visuals. Positioning can impact context and emphasis.

Note that where transfer between mobile and tablet is a direct scaling, with no positioning changes or proportional variation, written confirmation of this and the screen shots can be submitted within the same file (i.e. without incurring an additional fee).


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