Hi Patrick, I was wondering, after PAAB approves copy. Is it forbidden to make minor typography changes? I.e. spelling mistakes, punctuation, periods. As long the same message is there is that still considered an unsolicited change?

The document ‘Guidance on Submission Process’ on the PAAB website sets the boundaries for which post-approval changes made to an APS can be processed as “FYI” (versus changes that require reviewer assessment and approval in a new file).  The following can be processed as FYI:

  • corporate logo, trademark changes
  • French language grammar correction which does not alter the claim
  • directly proportional resize of APS that results in NO layout/flow/content/functionality changes.

All other post approval changes to previously approved APS including any copy or layout changes are subject to further review and should be submitted in the form on a new eFile. While PAAB will consider it acceptable to correct spelling mistakes, they should still be submitted as an FYI to ensure that the most accurately copy is kept on file. It is possible to change the meaning of copy by changing the placement or type of punctuation, making it difficult to make a blanket statement of “all typography changes are acceptable”.  If you are uncertain if your grammatical change is acceptable as an FYI, please contact admin for further clarification.


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