Hi PAAB, I was reviewing my brands promotional pieces that will need to either be updated or be sent for rePAAB over the next few months. Since some of the pieces were approved, we have had a product monograph update. However, for certain pieces it does not change the Terms of Market Authorization and in some cases the copy in the piece wouldn't need to be changed. The only part of the piece which would need to be changed is the date of the Product Monograph (e.g. brochure) within the references. Since we have significant print inventory, is it permissible to have these submitted as a rePAAB to be valid for the next year until the next update or rePAAB without updating the date of the product monograph within the piece? Please advise. Many thanks.

It would not be acceptable to submit for rePAAB with an inaccurate PM date as this would be misleading. The PAAB approves pieces for accuracy, and this would include the PM date. We would suggest considering the placement of a sticker over the PM date, with the accurate PM information, if the goal is to use up old stock.


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