Hello PAAB! I'm working on an unbranded piece that's for HCPs. It discusses the impact that medication adherence can have on efficacy for a specific class of drugs. Being relatively recent, my brand's drug is not discussed in most of the trials that evaluated the link between adherence and efficacy for this class of drug. Given the unbranded context, can I include data from these trials that discuss the class of drug that my brand belongs to, even though my brand was not specifically included? Thank you.

There are two considerations here. The first is the use of a study that is specific to one or more brands (this is regardless of the sponsors product inclusion). In the context of an unbranded piece, the use of this type of study would effectively brand the piece to the products used within the study. It would not be acceptable for a manufacturer to create content which refers to brands which are not their own. Any discussion of other brands should be done in the context of RCTs which meet the rigors of the code. As such, it would not be possible to create an unbranded piece about the impact of adherence on efficacy within a specific therapeutic class. As an additional point of consideration, remember that single study findings cannot be extrapolated out to class claims.


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