The PMCQ is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of facilitating lifelong learning, career development and networking opportunities for professionals in pharma, bio and life sciences here in Quebec.

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November 21, 2023
Gene Therapy

December 5, 2023
Holiday Event – Sponsors Fair

Past Events

October 10, 2023
Redefine Growth: New Career Pathways (Panel)

September 19, 2023
How does the expanded role of pharmacist change how we do pharma marketing?

June 7, 2023
2023 Summer Social

May 16, 2023
Breaking the glass ceiling : representing women and minorities in the workplace

April 18, 2023
The Future of Work – Pharma HR Leaders Perspective


April 20, 2021

The Covid-19 era has created a clear dividing line where many needs and behaviours have shifted in our lives and we can expect these changes to remain present long after the pandemic.

This is indeed a transformational experience that should be viewed as a great opportunity to look at things from a different angle, to innovate and find better ways of operating to create a competitive advantage.


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PMCQ is an acronym for the Pharmaceutical Marketing Club of Quebec and we – the more than 500 members of PMCQ – are in one way or another, all connected to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. PMCQ members come from all walks of industry life including: strategic planning, product management, external affairs, R&D, medical publishing, advertising, media, CME, human resources, market research, corporate communications and more!

The PMCQ’s mission is to facilitate lifelong learning, career development and networking for Pharma professionals. In essence, PMCQ brings pertinent business issues, trends, policies and practices into sharper focus for its members. We accomplish this by hosting monthly guest speaker forums featuring topics as varied as: DTC advertising, patient compliance, stock market investing, population demographics and public policy. Because our members believe strongly in the value of professional networking, PMCQ’s educational mandate is enriched by social and charitable activities. PMCQ is a not-for-profit organization.

The PMCQ Board is staffed by VOLUNTEERS. People in these positions change from year to year, therefore, structure provides a framework for operating continuity. Pharmaceutical companies, various agencies and industry suppliers have been represented on the Board in recent years. Core positions on the Board include: President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, a group of Directors and the Past-President. If you’re interested in volunteering your help or your company’s services, we’d love to hear about it! Every PMCQ sub-committee needs helping hands.

President's Message


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

This year our PMCQ is entering its 67th season, believe it or not. Our audience has expanded beyond Marketing, and we are committed to our members to provide high quality educational events working with speakers from our industry as well as learning from others.

I would like to announce my nomination as the new 2023/2024 PMCQ President. This is such a humbling opportunity for me and will give me an opportunity to grow, learn and lead the PMCQ as its 58th President – working with talented, volunteer board members and corporate/educational sponsors to produce impactful learning events, networking, and personal development opportunities.

The team and I are committed to hearing our members feedback to enhance and improve our leaning curriculum and we are adapting to the new reality of face-2-face, virtual and hybrid to accommodate all and reach beyond our Quebec members, coast to coast. Our Virtual events are opened to all employees of our educational sponsors. We ensure most sessions are recorded to be available on demand for our members.

Last year we welcomed new colleagues from various departments of our members beyond the traditional profile of the commercial teams. We also welcomed new organizations to our family. To ensure fair balance we make sure that our board has more than 50% educational sponsors.

I promise you that the team will maintain our core PMCQ values and culture, and we are devoted to innovating and bringing value to our members day after day. We are open to your feedback so please reach out to your PMCQ representatives as this is the way we can ensure that we are relevant to you.

Thank you and looking forward to the new season.


Tamer Yacoub

President, PMCQ
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