Hi, when Patrick Massad started as the Commissioner, he mentioned at a conference that PAAB will be able to approve/comment for websites projects using a wireframe / blueprint tool provided by agencies, removing the need to comment on pdf and thus making it easier and quicker for everyone to share and implement comments. Has this be enabled or we still have to submit pdf file of website pages?

The PAAB has been exploring ways to streamline the preclearance process. What Patrick was referring to, at that conference, was ongoing research into alternative ways of addressing our need for website screenshots at the layout stage of review. To be clear, the initial review would still be on a copydeck (i.e., the reviews would still take place over PDF).

In the past couple of years, we looked at several automated website scraping tools. None are accurate enough, at this time, to replace the need to screenshots. However, progress appears to be occurring quickly in this space. This is something we intend to revisiting annually. We are also open to testing web scraping tools or other solutions that our clients have come across. Please feel free to post them on the PAAB forum for discussion: forum.paab.ca

In the meantime, we are building eFiles improvements described in the APP service. Additional information about this can be found at http://www.paab.ca/resources/accelerated-preclearance-pathway-app/.


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