In a virtual delegate bag, provided to HCP's at conferences are we able to include an invitation to a sponsored symposium or talk? Where am I able to find the criteria for delegate bag inserts?

There are no “specific” criteria for delegate bag inserts. When creating a delegate bag insert, one should consider: What is the message? What are the linkages? Are the linkages acceptable? A message that includes a brand and then directs the user to a sponsored symposium that is deemed to be medical information, may not be acceptable as this would be considered an advertising activity linking to a non-advertising activity. When we link advertising and non-advertising, everything becomes advertising. The symposium would now have to be reviewed in the context of the brand. Using a branded delegate bag insert to direct a participant to a PAAB approved slide presentation, would likely be ok. To facilitate the review process, it is beneficial to include all copy on the insert, a description of the linked content, and any additional sponsorship or linking factors.

The Guiding Principles for Digital Conferences document, provides additional information. The principles of the code apply equally in virtual and live advertising.


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