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Hello Are branded and help seeking search engine marketing campaigns allowed to run simultaneously if coming from different ad accounts and going to different landing pages? If the regulations are followed, there would be no cross over between these two campaigns as the branded campaign could not include mention of therapeutic areas and the help […]


We have an online newsletter where we post healthcare-related information, as well as society news pertaining to our association. Our member and supporter base primarily consists of hospital pharmacists as well as a small number of architects, students, and pharmaceutical companies. We can set-up advertising on the site to require a login to limit access […]


If a efile was previously exempted and no changes were made, does the file need to go through PAAB assessment again (re-exemption)? A piece that has been deemed exempt does not require “re-exemption” as the piece does not require review. If something has changed in the marketplace to prompt the re-evaluation of whether something is […]


Hi, I'm from the Arthritis Society. I have a company that is currently developing a product; in phase 2. They want to support/sponsor one of our tool in a field that is relevant to their upcoming indication. Content and material will be elaborate by the Society without any interference by the pharma company. Would that […]


Hello, I'm looking for where to find guidance regarding regulations for executing a 'help seeking' DTC campaign for vaccines at the same time as a branded DTC vaccine campaign. Given the DTC nature, pre-clearance would likely be through ASC. I've reviewed the guidance from Health Canada at length and am well aware of the criteria […]


Can ongoing studies for a group of products (same therapeutic category) be discussed in a Corporate APS, or must this be done in individual branded APS? For example, a company has a portfolio of diabetes drugs that with ongoing research into weight loss indications, and would like to produce a single piece discussing all trials. […]


If a representative during a social meal mentions to an HCP a reference to a slide that was viewed at another meeting to HCP's with regards to utilization rates of a genericized molecule, is this considered a violation? The PAAB code applies to all advertising pieces (i.e. detail aid, website, email, etc.) distributed via all […]


How can I access archival copies of the PAAB Code? I am looking for the version relevant to 1996. Many thanks.  The PAAB website only contains the most recent version of the code so as to clearly promote current best practices.


With regards to Question #645, the question asked about repurposing a piece approved for DTC use with “potential patients”. Is a potential patient not viewed as a consumer? I thought the definition of patient was restricted to those who had already been prescribed a drug. I had previously been advised by a PAAB reviewer that […]


For Help-Seeking Announcements, the Distinction Between Advertising and Other Activities states “there is no implication that a drug is the sole treatment available”. Does this mean no implication for a single brand within the context of available drug treatments, or no implication for drug treatment over non-drug treatment? The Health Canada Distinction Document has the […]


Can patient survey data from CADTH be used for an unbranded tool on current patient experience and behaviour? CADTH is an important tool for explaining recommendations for funding decisions, but it is not designed or intended to support product claims in drug advertising. See AskPAAB Question #541 for more information on this topic. For claims […]


Hi, For the balance copy requiring a direct link to the Product Monograph – the guidelines state that a link to the Health Canada database along with DIN number would work in lieu of a corporate URL. If going this route, is it sufficient to say: “Search the Health Canada Drug Product Database and search […]


If Product-A is a combination of Drug-B and Drug-C, can the mechanism of action information from the Drug-B and Drug-C Product Monographs be used in Product-A advertising? The Product Monographs for combination products usually contain less information regarding their components (for brevity), however mechanisms of action should be identical regardless of formulation. The review of […]


If a product has two possible dosing schedules, with no specific requirements/recommendations on which HCPs can choose, are we permitted to just focus on one dosing schedule in APS? If both dosing schedules are required, are we permitted to focus on one over the other in terms of prominence? There are a number of scenarios […]


For a product with two different administration formats (eg. syringe and pen), is it permissible to only advertise one format in APS (with no mention of the other device)? Similar to AskPAAB 704, there are a number of scenarios which could result in either requiring both administration formats to be included in the APS, or […]


Regarding the PAAB Guidance document “Tips relating to inclusion of expert commentary in drug advertising”, would the same rationale and requirements apply to patient testimonials? Similar to an expert commentary, a patient testimonial is basically a single person’s opinion. An individual’s opinion alone is not considered sufficient evidence to support product claims in advertising (PAAB […]


Hello, If we are temporarily suspending a website while we update the contact (as the website's current content is set to expire), do we need to PAAB this temporary page? Or since there is not claims and no other pages can be accessed this step is unnecessary? Thanks Assuming that the temporary page on the […]


Can a non promotional website that is not subject to review and is only available to verified Canadian HCPs link to a post-gate landing page for a PAAB approved branded website? Let’s assume that “non promotional website that is not subject to review” is referring to a 3rd party website that has a verification process […]


Can sales representatives provide information on a drug's reimbursement criteria in response to a question from a HCP if the reimbursement criteria are not aligned with the TMA. For example, the approved Health Canada indication is for use as 2nd line therapy but the drug is only reimbursed for use in 3rd line. Could the […]


In DTC would non-medical devices (i.e. Breezhaler/Respimat/Ellipta) be associated with their drugs immediately? As such be limited to the name, price and quantity in terms of messaging or would there be leeway to talk about device features in a comparative standpoint or would that be against the code? Please see Ask PAAB Question #500 (search: […]

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